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  • Ep 1: Data Democratization

    Demokratyzacja Danych

    Odc. 1: Demokratyzacja Danych

  • Ep 2: Stimulating work environment

    Demokratyzacja Danych

    Odc. 2: Stymulujące środowisko pracy

  • Ep 3: Soft skills

    Demokratyzacja Danych

    Odc. 3: Umiejętności miękkie

  • Ep 4: Skill Matchmaker

    Demokratyzacja Danych

    Odc. 4: Utopione koszty

Our book shelf

Pharmacon, Episode 1: The Conference

It was supposed to be an ordinary scientific conference. Nothing to notice if you are not a specialist, but… What lured in so many journalists? What is the world-shaking discovery augured by the three-time Nobel laureate? What is the top management of industry giants doing here, and how far will they go to put their hands on the enticing knowledge?

In the sociological thriller / cyberpunk / science-fiction series Pharmacon, the story intertwines epoch-making discoveries with events that will change the face of the world forever. When humanity, in just one generation, fulfils its biggest dream, the consequences can be severe and the costs too high.

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Pharmacon, Episode 2: The Silver Pin

Where could it be safer than in their own penthouse office, or the luxury hotel at the heart of Washington D.C.?

What dangers to a billionaire could be hidden in the black archives of one of the biggest daily newspapers?

What could be fished out of the sewage in the black ghetto?

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A little about us

The thought to write something together had come to our minds before we came up with the idea to get married. We began to wonder what would bring us fame and fortune. The concept of writing a guidebook was brought to a screeching halt when we discovered that the book solving all of the modern humaninty problems. already exists. Unfortunately, we stood no chance against such competition.

Thus, we turned to fiction. Here, the recipe for success was obvious: sex and violence.
We got to work. However, we soon discovered that we don't like: oversexualization, unnecessary violence, and sex related to violence (and vice-versa). We do, however, like: realistic characters, interesting conversations, the balance between an accountant’s diary and a shoot ‘em up.

To add insult to injury, we also have a weakness for stories that start with an exposition, then they build up, then end with the resolution; we’re fond of sentences beginning with a capital letter and ending with a period; we appreciate words to be found in the dictionary. It quickly became clear to us that we would become niche writers. When we gave up our dreams of fame and fortune, we began to write things that we would like to read ourselves.

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